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Pydhcplib is a pure DHCP python library. It permits to read/write and encode/decode DHCP packet on network. Pydhcplib was initialy developed within the anemon_dhcp_project but is now an independant development released under the Gnu GPL v3. Pydhcplib is already functional.

What's new ?

25 april 2010 : New tarball : 0.6.2

Bugfixes only : clean on some option names, update dhcp_packet and man pages setup.

1 february 2009 : New website

The Pydhcplib website use pmwiki now.

28 January 2009 : New tarball : 0.6

Add documentation for usable [?wiki=options_list|dhcp options]. Add a timeout on the GetNextDhcpPacket method. Force python2.5 in setup. Miscellanious bugfixes.

13 January 2009 : New tarball : 0.5.2

Bug correction : Correct server identifier data type. Correct 32-bits option error when printed. Correct dhcp_message_type string import.

07 January 2009 : New tarball : 0.5.1

Bug correction when printing some error messages in the lib.

05 January 2009 : New mailing list.

I forget to tell you a mailing list exists for pydhcplib : Go read the [getting_help] section for subscribing.


Get 0.6.2 tarball here Older tarball in this directory or go to the svn repository here : WebSVN


Some examples are included in the repository. More docs will be available soon.


If you want information you can't find here, email me at matou (french website)

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